Tips for a Healthy Lifestyle : November Episode 3

Tips for a Healthy Lifestyle


Green Tea & Aging:

  • The antioxidants, especially those known as polyphenols, in green tea help protect the skin from harmful free radicals.
  • In fact, polyphenols help fight against various signs of aging, promote longevity, and treat skin diseases.
  • Also, the high levels of oligomeric proanthocyanidins in green tea are thought to help slow down premature aging if taken internally. This is one reason green tea is being used in a host of beauty products


Core body exercise:

  • - In the abdomen& back are important to strengthen the abdomen & alleviate back pain.
    • Do each of the following exercises 5times daily.
    • For the stomach. While lying on your back
    • Raise each leg alternatively, 45°-90°
    • Stretch your hands behind your head & slowly raise your upper body to beyond 90 ° while reaching for your feet with your arms.
    • These two exercises strengthen your low back muscles. While lying on your stomach
    • Keep each leg straight behind you & raise them alternatively from 10° -30°.
    • Using your hands as support with palm to the ground beside your hips, raise your upper body 20°-30°

Stress Management

Age reversal:

  • In order to slow down the ageing process, keep the following is mind
  • Avoid too much direct sunlight, it ages the skin.
  • Stress & tension cause the release of bad hormones in the body, that accelerates ageing
  • Lack of sleep reduces the length of DNA telomeres which shortens lifespan
  • Too much exercise is bad for the joints, too little causes fat build up, both increase ageing
  • Poor nutrition, with low vegetable & fruit intake, results in lack of vitamins, minerals & antioxidants
  • Fast food & processed foods, add toxins to the body & accelerate ageing
  • Smoking & excess alcohol, age the body

Avoid Addictions

Addiction & Mind Body Treatment :

  • According to the National Institute of Health, Mind & Body Medicines including meditation, relaxation, yoga, acupressure & mindfulness are helpful in managing substance abuse & addiction.
  • Alcoholics anonymous uses, surrender, gratitude & letting go in its 12 step approach & Integrative Medicine has ascertained that
  • Acupuncture is safe & reduces withdrawal cravings & anxiety
  • Hypno therapy helps in smoking cessation
  • Mindfulness & mediation reduces the use of substances including alcohol, cocaine marijuana opiates &other narcotics.


To Live Longer:

  • Make friends.
  • Eat light.
  • Married couples live longer.
  • Maintain your body weight.
  • Alcohol in moderation.
  • Get spiritual.
  • Forgive and forget those who harmed you.
  • Be safety conscious at all times.
  • Make sleep and exercise a daily priority.
  • Manage your stress.
  • Do not smoke and keep mentally active.

Nov 20, 2020