Tips for a Healthy Lifestyle : November Episode 2

Tips for a Healthy Lifestyle



  • You should have bowel movements every day, but bowel movements at least thrice a week is normal.
  • Change in place, daily routine, diet, & change in mood (depression) can lead to constipation.
  • Medications can also lead to constipation.
  • A low fiber diet can cause constipation.
  • Eat fruits, vegetables, (especially leafy vegetables) & a high fiber diet to reduce constipation.


Healthy hand exercises:

  • Benefit the wrist, reduce swelling & pain is the hand & improves joint mobility & increase blood circulation. Repeat each of these exercises, 3-5 times once or twice daily.
  • Wrist rotation, both ways
  • Thumb rotation, both ways, both hands
  • Clench the fingers into a fight fist
  • Stretch your hands / fingers.
  • Massage each palm & fingers, with the other hand

Stress Management

Stress reducing activates:

  • Eat clean, avoid sugar, commercial foods, be vegan, go gluten free, avoid overeating
  • Exercise daily & do the exercise you enjoy, cycling, yoga, walking, dance, aerobics
  • Relax, meditate, sleep 8hr daily, pray, strengthen relationships, laugh, manage time
  • Manage alcohol, at a glass of wine or beer or not more than I drink on occasion (once or twice a week)avoid smoking & narcotic.

Avoid Addictions

Alcohol & the brain:

  • Research done by Oxford university UK, covering over 400 persons over 30 years established that those who drank heavily (over 3 drink daily) had 6 times the risk of dementia as opposed to non-drinkers .
  • Mild & occasional drinkers have lower risk.
  • In additional moderate drinking was good
  • In the heart, reduced blood clotting, was good for diabetes, & was also beneficial psychologically.


Tips For Beautiful Teeth:

  • Floss first before brushing your teeth
  • Use tooth picks sparingly as they may hurt your gums
  • Replace your tooth brush every three months to keep the bristles healthy
  • Cheese & vitamin D are good for your teeth enamel
  • Avoid wine & coffee if you wish to retain white teeth, or else use a tooth paste that has baking soda
  • Apples, pears & carrots keep your teeth clean & white.

Nov 10, 2020